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Welcome to SUBSIM

- the Swedish platform for subsea image analysis

The quickly rising demand to monitor the ocean with autonomous techniques and computer vision methods led to the development of SUBSIM, a platform for efficient management and processing of underwater image and video data. SUBSIM provides essential functions to conduct research and automated monitoring with image and video surveys, including data management, machine learning, digital collaboration, citizen science, and high-performance computing.

Examples & applications

Selected publications

You find the full publication list here

  • Borremans C, et al (2024) Report on the Marine Imaging Workshop 2022. Research Ideas and Outcomes 10: e119782.

  • Obst, M., Al-Khateeb, S., Anton, V., & Germishuys, J. (2023). Synthetic images of corals (Desmophyllum pertusum) with object detection models (Version 1). Data publication, University of Gothenburg.

  • Anton V, Germishuys J, Bergström P, Lindegarth M, Obst M (2021) An open-source, citizen science and machine learning approach to analyse subsea movies. Biodiversity Data Journal