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Meet the team

We are a group of marine, social & data scientists as well as system engineers who all care about the protection of marine life. The organisations developing the SUBSIM infrastructure include University of Gothenburg,, Combine, Swedish Geological Survey, and BeGeospatial.

Matthias Obst

Matthias Obst is docent in Marine biology at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. He is also co-founder of SeAnalytics, a company specialised in marine biodiversity monitoring. Matthias is especially interested in building observation systems for biological diversity in the ocean.

Jannes Germishuys

Jannes Germishuys is a language expert working at Combine, a Gothenburg-based IT-consultancy. Jannes has a Master degree in Data Science and developed models to identify ‘fake news’ content in Sweden and the U.S. His interest in problem-solving led him to the world of marine biodiversity. He is the lead architect of SUBSIM.

Victor Anton

Victor Anton is the founder and general manager of Victor advocates and works to combine the power of citizen science and machine learning to better understand complex ecosystems.

Emil Burman

Emil Burman is a marine biologist with a great passion for the sea, underwater photography, and scuba diving, especially the seas around the Nordic countries. He has a Master in Marine Sciences from Gothenburg University. He also runs various other citizen science projects.

Pilar Navarro Ramírez

Pilar Navarro Ramírez is a mathematician and computer scientist, graduated from the University of Granada. She studied also at University of Duisburg-Essen. Pilar pursues her career in the field of AI and Computer Vision and she currently works as a junior researcher in Panacea Cooperative Research.

Torsten Linders

Tosten Linders is a physical oceanographer and works with collaborations between academia, industry and the public sector. His focus is on projects within marine data, both collection, analysis and exploitation. An overarching ambition is to increase the pace of innovation and the use of marine data.

Diewertje Dekker

Diewertje Dekker works as a Data Scientist at Combine. She develops machine-learning applications to better understand the interaction between human activities, the Earth system and our living environment.

Alexander Andell

With a PhD in Computational Physics, Alexander is fascinated by complex systems such as marine environments. His goal of cultivating their understanding as a Data Scientist at Combine via Machine Learning applications thus found a natural fit in the development of the SUBSIM "Cloudina" platform.